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Payroll is the most important aspect of any business. No organisation can work without payroll. Employees have to be paid and they have to be paid on-time. Research shows that paying employees on time is a key motivating factor. The biggest challenge for any organisation today is error-free payroll processing with updated regulations and compliances management.

In any organisation the resources allocated to each department are always limited. Allocating internal resources full time for payroll processing services, out of the limited resources the Human resources HR or Finance department have, takes its toll in the long run leading to incorrect payroll processing  and compliance penalties. An experienced payroll processing services partner with extensive knowledge and hands on experience of payroll and statutory compliance management is a helping hand to any organisation.

AssureIT services India is a payroll processing company in India providing payroll processing services for small business, start-ups & mid-size companies in India. As a payroll processing service provider to Indian companies we offer a complete 360 degree payroll outsourcing services solution beginning from helping companies in designing the CTC structure to generating the digitally signed TRACES Form 16 for employees.

An efficient team well versed in payroll processing and statutory compliance management backed by an updated payroll software system helps us deliver an error free payroll services experience to our clients.

We at AssureIT Services India summarise the payroll processing scope of work as an amalgamation of 3 key activities segmented as


Monthly Payroll Processing Activity

Quarterly Payroll Processing Activity

Yearly Payroll Processing Activity

As a payroll & statutory compliance management processing service company in Mumbai India, AssureIT Services amalgamates the above 3 segments and offers a complete 360 degrees payroll processing solution to our clients.